23 Okt 2023

Words have the power to shape our reality, whether spoken or written. They crystallize our beliefs and influence our behavior, offering inspiration and healing through positive self-affirmation. A September study published in JAMA Network Open found that in all adults, alcohol consumption was up 14 percent from one year ago, and drinking was up 17 percent for women. Overcome addiction with our family support system, and regain control of your life! What are your favorite quotes on recovery from addiction?

“Boundaries are a part of self-care. They are healthy, normal, and necessary.”

Not in the financial sense, but in the opportunity cost that comes with drinking. While there is a shift in how society is treating and viewing alcohol, it’s big business for everyone–even the people charged with policing its use. I admitted that I was an alcoholic, that I was scared, and that I needed to make a change. If I couldn’t first accept this, then there was no chance I would ever fix it. Your sobriety shouldn’t be defined by what you no longer do but by what you’re currently doing to make yourself healthier, stronger, and more confident. If you have an earnest desire to advance but your drinking is holding you back, then you have a drinking problem and you need to stop drinking.

sobriety sayings

Quotes for Overcoming Challenges

One of the things about my drinking is that I wasn’t addicted to booze, per se. I was more addicted to the ritual and the partying surrounding it. All of your reasons for heavy drinking come down to not being willing to face something, and it takes humility to accept that. Knowing how to find entertainment that isn’t centered around alcohol.

sobriety sayings

Positive Addiction Quotes & Road To Recovery Quotes

When you download the Sober Sidekick app on either the iPhone or Android, you gain access to a community of sober-seeking individuals who want to support others. They can share inspirational quotes that helped them, give you advice when sobriety sayings you’re struggling, and just be there to talk when you’re feeling down. Read on to understand why sobriety quotes and addiction recovery quotes are more than just words, and explore some inspiring quotes worth saving and sharing.

  • Therapy plays a crucial role in addiction recovery, providing individuals with the tools and support they need to overcome the challenges they face.
  • Do not delay seeking professional advice or mental health treatment because of something you have read about on Sober Healing.
  • If you can remind yourself about what it means to you, you can continue to motivate yourself every day and face any hardships.
  • Incorporating addiction quotes is a powerful motivator.
  • In addition, I’m obsessed with glitter ink and making things pretty.

Remember that it’s always a good time to build healthier habits:

  • When dealing with drug or alcohol addiction, you might wish someone would help you, but you are your biggest supporter, so don’t wait for someone else to come along.
  • This section explores the power of quotes in recovery and provides quotes that can help individuals find strength and stay motivated on their path to sobriety.
  • Quotes about addiction recovery can serve as sources of inspiration, motivation, and reflection for individuals in rehab.
  • No matter whether you’ve just kicked the habit or are several years clean, there are going to be tough times that tempt you to go back to your bad habits.
  • They provide motivation and inspiration to carry on when things get tough.

Staying Sober Motivational Quotes

  • Recovery is challenging; being the loved one of an addict is also tricky, but hopefully, these sobriety quotes will make it just a little more painless for you.
  • They’re not just for those in recovery but can resonate with anyone supporting someone they care about.
  • These are the types of people that you’ll be able to talk with about the unique feelings and challenges you face, not just in developing a sober social life, but in being sober, in general.
  • They often find it feels better to escape from their own reality with drugs or alcohol, as it makes it easier to survive.

Hope and Healing Quotes

  • Also, they allow our past to motivate us to move forward in our addiction recovery.
  • Part of recovery is transforming your social and home lives.
  • If you’re burdened by addiction, always remember that there are countless others who were in the same state of despair and guilt, but they managed to turn their lives around.

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