25 Jan 2022

These supplements can help reduce alcohol cravings by calming the nervous system and reducing stress-related triggers. Many people who struggle with their drinking don’t have enough L-glutamine in their systems. Adding this nutrient can help boost mood in recovery and reduce withdrawal symptoms, making it one of the best supplements for alcohol herbs to curb alcohol cravings cravings. EAT A BALANCED DIETThere is indisputable evidence that alcohol cravings can be curtailed with the right diet and nutrients. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that plays a role in immune function, bone health, and mood regulation. These supplements can help reduce alcohol cravings by regulating mood and improving overall health.

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  • It is normal to seek remedies like over-the-counter herbs, vitamins and supplements to stop the cravings and support your sobriety.
  • Today, she educates and empowers others to assess their relationship with alcohol.
  • One study found that taurine in doses up to 3gm/day significantly decreased alcohol withdrawal symptoms in hospitalized alcoholics undergoing acute detoxification.
  • Learning how to manage stress and anxiety can be helpful for beating cravings too.

Omega-3-rich fish like salmon and mackerel may also help improve focus and overall brain health. You don’t need any special preparations for an alcohol use screening test. However, lack of sleep may also affect the types of food you eat, predisposing you to choices that are higher in sugar, fat, salt, and calories (39).

Best Supplements For Alcohol Recovery

  • So, without further ado, let’s get into nutrients and supplements that helped me the most.
  • Naturopathic physician Maura Henninger notes in an article on Huffington Post that B vitamins are essential in breaking addictions to both alcohol and drugs.
  • Generally, the more alcohol you drink on a regular basis, the longer it takes for cravings to subside.
  • Regular exercise promotes the natural glutamine production within our bodies, while sufficient sleep ensures optimal absorption.
  • You don’t need any special preparations for an alcohol use screening test.

It can be an especially good alcohol recovery supplement for people with liver damage. Studies show that glycine is useful in treating both alcoholic hepatitis and carcinoma caused by alcoholic cirrhosis. Even if you are not suffering from these conditions, taking glycine may help protect your liver if you have a history of heavy drinking. Some studies have been done on d-phenylalanine, finding it improves alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

herbs to curb alcohol cravings

Eat whole foods

His hobbies include physical fitness, reading, and social entrepreneurship. Supplementing with specific vitamins and minerals like thiamine, vitamin C, and magnesium can support your liver’s recovery and restore essential nutrients that AUD has depleted. People who drink alcohol are at higher risk of calcium deficiency, since alcohol interferes with your body’s ability to properly absorb this vital nutrient.

External triggers are things in your environment that make you want to drink alcohol. These triggers can be people, places, or things that make you crave alcohol. Some questionnaires, including the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT), are available online for self-testing. If you keep high sugar foods in the house, you may be more likely to eat them. It takes a lot of willpower to stop yourself if you only have to go as far as the pantry or fridge to get a sugar hit. Fortunately, food manufacturers are now required to disclose added sugars on food labels.

Curb Alcohol Cravings: 3 Medications and 5 Natural Remedies

Still, they’re pretty common, especially if you drink regularly or your alcohol use falls into the “heavy drinking” category (binge drinking 5 or more days in the last month). The recovery process can be a long road full of disappointment and tough self-reflection. For instance, chicken and fish are excellent sources of this essential nutrient. Foods like spinach and parsley also contain a decent amount of glutamine. Studies suggest ample glutamine levels can help maintain this balance by supporting GABA production. You’ll find glutamine aplenty in your body because it’s naturally produced.

herbs to curb alcohol cravings

Building a strong support system, whether through friends, family, or recovery groups, can provide the encouragement and accountability needed to navigate the challenges of curbing alcohol cravings. Positive Recovery’s community and resources can serve as a vital part of this support network, offering guidance, support, and a sense of belonging to those on the path to recovery.. Taking supplements like vitamin C, NAC, and GABA may help replenish your nutrient stores, potentially reducing your cravings and easing your withdrawal symptoms. Deficiency in vitamin B3, or niacin, is also common in heavy drinkers. Kudzu might be helpful for those who struggle with alcohol because some data show that it can help reduce alcohol intake, even in those who drink heavily.

Can Alcohol Detox Cause Headaches?

herbs to curb alcohol cravings

Milk thistle is an herb related to daisies and ragweed that is sometimes used to treat liver damage, including alcoholic liver disease. Experts think it might work by protecting the liver and lowering specific proteins like collagen produced by the body. That said, little information is available about its use during alcohol withdrawal.

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